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Inside an Ambulance

Power Stretchers: With a touch of a button, our power stretchers eliminate the need to physically lift the patient. Our stretchers feature an innovative battery-powered hydraulic lift that raises and lowers the patient while providing outstanding ergonomics and superior comfort. Weight capacity is 700 pounds.

Stair Chair: One crew can safely operate our Stair Chair to assist patients in multi-level facilities or emergencies. The patented design is scientifically proven to help reduce operator injuries.

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Ventilators: Rapid Respons’s ventilators are specifically designed for use by respiratory therapists, paramedics, and trained emergency personnel. It’s lightweight, self-contained, and equally suitable for emergency and non-emergency transports of adults, children, and infants. It also allows for CPAP and BiPAP.

Cardiac Monitors: All of our ALS units are equipped with 12-lead Cardiac Monitors. These monitors can read CO2 levels, take blood pressures, and can deliver a measured level of electricity to the heart based on the individual patient. Our monitors can even send the 12-lead ECG strip electronically to Emergency Departments/Doctors before the patient's arrival.

Infusion Pumps: We utilize the most dependable and reliable Infusion Pumps on the market today. Accuracy and durability are most critical when medications are running.


Electronic Patient Care Report: Rapid Response utilizes an Electronic Patient Care Reporting system that enables easy, accurate data entry in the field and allows for patient care reports to be viewed and recalled for billing and operational reporting. This software interfaces with our computer-aided dispatch system, 12-lead cardiac monitors, and billing applications, ensuring the security of records and accessibility for clinical review.

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